Downsizing in your Golden Years

Steps for Downsizing and Finding the Perfect Home for Your Golden Years

Moving is an exciting time whether you’re looking for your first apartment or finding a home that you can enjoy throughout your golden years. When you move as a senior, you have to think about many of the same things as any other home buyer, such as location, price, and amenities. However, you may also want to think about downsizing so you can focus only on what truly matters in your new home. Below, find out what steps you’ll need to take to sell your old house, find a new one, and breeze through the moving process.

Selling Your Current Home

One of the first things you’ll want to do is assess your current home and figure out how much it’s worth. A good way to do this is to check the estimated market value of your home online. Using an appraisal calculator (you can find one of these at PennyMac Mortgage) to estimate the price per square foot can help you set a competitive asking price. A good estimate will also give you insight on other recent home sales in the area so you can get a sense of the market.


Keep in mind there are many home improvement projects that can boost the value of your home. Even low-cost upgrades can go a long way in wowing buyers and increasing your home’s appraisal value.


Hiring the experts at Preferred Realty Services is another step you’ll likely want to take. Real estate agents can help you navigate everything that goes into selling your home, such as taking photos, listing your home, communicating with buyers, and arranging showings. An agent will also know how to handle situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which has significantly affected the way people tour and buy homes.

Looking for a New Home

Whether you want to move to a smaller home in town or retire in an entirely new destination, you’ll want to start by researching the local housing market. This allows you to gauge how affordable an area is, while also determining your options.


Doing your research online also gives you a leg up because it can reveal how fast homes are selling. In Peachtree City, for example, the average sales price is currently $362K, and homes go pending for 26 days on average. With this information, you’ll know how quickly to act, and you’ll have an idea of what you may spend in your preferred area.

Downsizing and Decluttering

If you’re like most seniors, you will probably be focusing your search on smaller homes that are easier to maintain. With this in mind, you’ll likely want to let go of a few possessions so everything fits well in your new home. Senior Safety Advice explains that decluttering can also make your home safer because it gives you clear walkways and reduces tripping hazards. It’s also beneficial for your mental health, as clutter can cause anxiety and stress, according to Psychology Today.


Even if it’s beneficial, getting rid of items is often a difficult process. However, moving provides the perfect motivation. If you’re struggling, you may find it helps to hire a professional organizer to guide you through the process. Enlisting the help of your friends or family can make the task more bearable, too.

Moving Advice for Seniors

Moving is stressful for most people, but planning ahead will make the process easier. Booking professional movers will also streamline the process and remove stress. If you plan on using a moving service, make sure you start your search early so you have time to check reviews and schedule your appointment. Following a moving timeline for packing and settling into your new place will also help you stay on top of things.


Moving into a new home marks a new chapter in your life. As a senior, you may find that buying a smaller house allows you to lead the lifestyle you’re looking for. Downsizing can be challenging, but it also lets you focus on what matters to you most. By researching market trends, decluttering, and planning ahead for your move, it will be easier to find your new dream home.


By Mike Longsdon


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