Your Questions and Concerns as a Tenant During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For most of us, self-isolation was a foreign concept just a few months ago. However, a lot has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit our communities, and with those changes, self-isolation has become the new norm. But even as we all start to adjust, people are still scared and confused about how this pandemic will impact their everyday lives. Your personal situation will look different from what someone else is going through, but there are few things that renters have in common during this crisis. These resources for tenants will help answer your questions, and hopefully, you’ll find some useful tools for staying healthy and maintaining a positive outlook while going through self-isolation.


Dealing with COVID-19 as a Tenant


Some of these tips are universal, like cleaning and laundry tips to keep your home healthy. Others are especially important for tenants, like what you need to know about potential exposure in common areas.


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Life in Self-Isolation or Quarantine

For those who are currently out of work, the financial hit of losing your income is an obvious challenge. Besides the financial issues, we’re having to adjust emotionally too, all while finding ways to stay healthy and happy.


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Adjusting to life in self-isolation isn’t easy, but one positive thing is that we can learn from each other as we go. Have you found joy in a new hobby? Or, maybe you’ve nailed the perfect at-home workout. Let’s use the connections we have to share our wins, and we’ll all come through this as a community that’s stronger than ever.


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